6 Unpopular Facts You Should Know About Free Speech

You keep saying you defend free speech. I do not think it means what you think it means.

You keep saying you defend free speech. I do not think it means what you think it means.Freedom. An apparently simple concept that you’d think people understand pretty well, after all it’s a fundamental human right. But no. It’s probably the concept people abuse and misuse the most when discussing about politics, law and the role of the state. People defend all sorts of nonsense in the name of freedom. This madness must stop. So let’s take some time to think about it. Continue reading “6 Unpopular Facts You Should Know About Free Speech”

7 Fallacies That Undermine Antifeminism

antifem-fallacies2As a feminist I am often confronted, especially online, by self-declared antifeminists who passionately denounce the ideology resorting to all manner of creative accusations. But is there any basis for so vehemently attacking feminism? With the occasion of the women’s month, I present the most common fallacies that compromise the antifeminist discourse.

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Why Django Girls?

django-girlsIn February and March this year Django Girls will be organizing free Django workshops for women in cities all over the world. As a Python/Django developer and feminist myself, I naturally applied as a coach. What for some may seem like a great initiative, however, is attacked by others as a gross display of hypocrisy and misandrist double-standard. In this article I hope to explain why supporting such events doesn’t imply you hate men or seek to overthrow patriarchy and install a regime of female supremacy. Continue reading “Why Django Girls?”

Gender quotas

meritThe subject of gender quotas was trending in Brazil a few months ago and I wrote about it in Portuguese. Now that the same topic has sprung in Romania, it’s time to write an English version. As should be no surprise, there’s a strong backlash against the idea of quotas and affirmative action in general. The anti-quota arguments are typically the same: that this type of approach is “anti-democratic”, “unjust”, “discriminatory”, “unequal”, etc. Although I agree that this is not an ideal solution, these arguments hardly sustain themselves. It may even be that there are legitimate reasons for us to be skeptical about quotas and affirmative action, but the aforementioned ones are certainly not in this category, and I’ll explain why.

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Fonte: http://levantepopulardajuventude.blogspot.ro/2012/08/exercito-anto-cotas-tropa-da-elite.html

Novamente o assunto das cotas está em pauta. Dessa vez o debate não envolve negros, mas mulheres. Como era de se esperar, a maioria é radicalmente contra propostas do gênero e ao conceito de ação afirmativa no geral. A argumentação anti-cotas é tipicamente a mesma: a de que esse tipo de abordagem é “anti-democrática”, “injusta”, “discriminativa”, “desigual” etc. Embora eu concorde que essa não seja uma solução ideal, esse argumento não se sustenta. Pode até ser que existam motivos legítimos para sermos céticos com relação a cotas e ação afirmativa no geral, mas os mais usados certamente não fazem parte deles e eu vou tentar explicar por quê. Continue reading “Cotas”

Conferência Humanista do Leste Europeu

Fonte:  FotoStudio42
Fonte: FotoStudio42

Ano passado vim morar na Romênia e uma das formas de tentar me socializar e me integrar por aqui foi procurando me envolver com a comunidade secular-humanista local. Em Abril entrei como membro na ASUR (“Asociația Secular-Umanista din România”, acho que dispensa tradução) e uma das atividades em que participei foi a Humanist Eastern European Conference (Conferência Humanista do Leste Europeu). A conferência era focada no Leste Europeu, mas na prática era aberta e aceitava aplicações de qualquer indivíduo e reuniu membros de instituições humanistas de toda a Europa e até do Cáucaso, como o Azerbaijão. O evento foi muito interessante e me senti responsável por compartilhar minha experiência com a comunidade humanista Brasileira, de forma que tento contribuir aqui com meu resumo e impressões sobre a conferência. Continue reading “Conferência Humanista do Leste Europeu”

The tragic consequences of biological determinism

biodetI’ve always been a zoology lover. I grew up watching Animal Planet and comparing the behavior of humans to that of other animals. I ended up not pursuing a career in the area, but reading and watching video-lectures about biology has been one of my oldest and most constant hobbies. I am a fan of Darwin, Dawkins, Frans de Wall and Sapolsky. I always try to find the biological origins of human social behavior and, although I recognize both sides of the nature vs. nurture dilema, I must admit I have a bias towards the former when it comes to personal interest and curiosity. Lately, however, I’m a bit disillusioned. I’ve noticed that many still rely on factoids of the field to defend racist and sexist claims, the inevitability of certain social hierarchies and the maintenance of the status quo, sadly causing many on the other side to, as a defense mechanism, reject behavioral biology altogether. But is it really the case that by giving credibility to this science we inadvertently give basis for these supremacist and deterministic arguments? Is to reject it altogether really the only solution? Continue reading “The tragic consequences of biological determinism”